Personalized AI-powered product recommendations for online stores

Boost your e-shop performance with Sparxy, the artificial intelligence that recommends ideal products to visitors

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Automate product recommendations

Artificial intelligence determines which products to display on your e-shop. You don't have to select the products by hand, Sparxy does it for you.

Cross-selling and upselling

Save customers time and increase order value. Recommend complements and better products before customers realize they need them.

Improve user experience

Enable your visitiors to shop more conveniently and faster. Let them easily discover the products you offer.


Every customer is unique. Show products tailored to each one.

63% of customers expect personalization as a standard of service.
— The Harris Poll Survey, 2019

Thanks to Sparxy we don't have to come up with recommendations for our customers anymore. I was really excited to see our sales increase.

Martina Sabranova, CEO,

Setting up sparxy is easy

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1.Sign up

Fill in information about you and your e-shop. You will confirm the verification email.

2.Upload products

You can upload the data feed yourself, or you can send the prepared instructions to the administrator of your e-shop with one click.

3.All done

You can try out how Sparxy is displayed in the e-shop before it starts to be displayed to customers.

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Where to place the product recommendations

You control where the recommended products appear. The possibilities are limitless. You can choose one of the visuals from our library, or use your own.

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Artificial intelligence for every e-shop


The recommendation is based on the activity of e-shop visitors. It is GDPR and privacy compliant. Neural networks continuously identify relations between products and user activity.

Benefits of neural networks

Neural networks can look for optimal solutions without assumptions, unlike humans. In this way, they can discover solutions that are unimaginable to humans. Their use is advantageous in a dynamic environment, such as an e-shop environment.

Available from the first moment

Sparxy will start recommending products immediately. The longer it is deployed, the better the results.

Continuously learning

Automated AI training. It continuously takes into account circumstances that change over time. There is no need to turn training on manually.

Privacy and security

Our secure data storage and encryption meets the highest standards. Data is anonymized and is not shared with third parties.


Comparison of sparxy and common product recommendation

sparxyCommon tools
Automated recommendation
Personalized to the visitor
Artificial intelligence
Cross-selling and upselling
Stocks taken into account
Detailed statistics
Try without displaying to customers

Give your customers product recommendations that spark joy